Take on Race

Racial inequality is an inescapable reality that is all around us. It didn’t begin with us, but it can end with us. If we choose to act.

Our History

For years we have put a spotlight on bias and inequality to spark dialogue that leads to understanding and action. And we’ve made equality a priority across our brands and our global operations. But that is not enough. More is needed. Now.


P&G Canada Steps Up to Support Black, Asian and Indigenous Communities

Over the past year, in the midst of a global pandemic, there has been an increase in hate speech and hate crimes around the world, as well as in Canada. P&G Canada has stepped up and committed to match donations to four United For Chanage funds: Black Solidarity Fund, Asian Solidarity Fund, Anti-Racism Fund and the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Fund. To date, these funds have generated a total of CAD $3.5 million to support marginalized communities and anti-racism initiatives across Canada.